The Future of the Supply Chain & Intellectual Property

The Problem:

  • Inefficiencies in customs controls cause delays

  • Reliance on paper documents and unsigned PDFs further slow down customs for authenticity checks

  • Late surcharges fees UP TO $2,478 PER CONTAINER


The Solution:

  • One stop hub for all documentation and communication between stakeholders

  • Tamper-proof timestamps

  • Trackable documents and files

  • Reliable data validation for institutions and authorities


Global supply chain, trading activity and the logistic process pushes business to new challenges

  • Material scarcity and increasing freight prices.
  • Changing consumer attitudes and inflation
  • ANTI – DUMPING measures
  • Hard and time consuming customs procedures
  • Additional demurrage and detention fees
  • Stolen and lost documents
  • Difficult to track data


How we can help you


Secure your documents in few clicks with a simplified user experience


Our web application efficiently tracks all documents, making data management easy and fast


All  documents and files are stored and secured on the blockchain with tamper-proof timestamps




Customs procedures and Public administration

Blockchain-based solutions enable the cooperation between the business and the Customs authorities worldwide, building a trust and safely optimizing the processes. By building a strong connection between the authenticity of documents and the proper goods subject of customs procedures, both of the parties involved gain time and resources by achieving secure results in a fast and safe way.

Industry and production sector

Being a milestone of the supply chain, the industry and production sector both need strong and efficient support for the planning of the production process and traceability of the goods. Our services will enable forecasting and optimizing of resources by keeping trace and “contact” with the goods and clients even after worldwide sales.

Art and intellectual property

As a revolutionary technology, blockchain is the latest instrument for the protection and creation of intellectual property. With blockchain technology IP security is not only in accordance with the best practices but even goes further by optimizing resources such as time and money. This has a big and positive impact for the owners of the IP and as well as society.

Food and alimentary sector

Tracing and managing the entire supply chain from the raw material to the end product, giving updated information to the final consumer related to the production, transport and way of safe usage.


Blockchain is a smart technology for enabling secure health data sharing and access between multiple parties. Not only the personal data management, but the better healthcare solutions, medicine prescriptions and drug supply could relay on better structure and time and resource optimized solutions, bringing the cure to whom and where needed.

Pet kennels and animal breeding

With the tailor-made services dedicated to the Pet kennels and animal breeding, using the blockchain technology, FAST TARCK IP gives a spin in the sector. By verifying the documents for origin of the animals, keeping the particularities of the proper races and smart and safe access to all data, we provide to our clients priceless advantages for business development and safety animal control.

The European Regulation 910/2014


European law compliance

Our solution is following the actual EU regulations, aiming to build trust in the online environment as a key to the economic and social development.

Swiss physical and digital security

Our data is located on servers situated in Switzerland to guarantee the best service quality.

Blockchain technology

Can be used to store immutable documents on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to protect against forgery and guarantee originality.

The NFTs (Non Fungible Token)

Will complete the protection providing tamper-proof timestamps registered in the public ledger of the blockchain.

ECO Friendly

Digitalize to help Nature

Renewable energy

All our data centres run on renewable energy sources to power the facilities and servers

Protect trees

Digitalization of documents reduces the use of paper documents

Save time and efforts

We organize all documents for easy online retrieval, saving time on paperwork searches in emails and binders

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